The History and Wonders of Essaouira in Morocco

The history of Essaouira goes back to the 5th or 6th centuries BC when the Phoenicians used the city as an important transit point in the Atlantic Ocean when they used to travel from Africa to Ecuador. This is why the city enjoys some distinctive ancient monuments. Today Essaouira welcomes hundreds of travelers who tour Morocco.

During the ruling period of Juba II in the 1st century AD, the king of Nomadia and then Mauritania, the city flourished as a center for the production of corals that grabbed the attention of the Romans and the Byzantines afterwards. Another important landmark in the history of Essaouira was when the Portuguese established a small fort to control the maritime routs to the North of their lands. However, they had to abandon the site soon when the locals severely attacked them.

Most of the monuments that tourists who travel to Morocco view today go back to the reign of Sultan Sidi Mohamed Abdullah in the 18th century who turned the city from a small town into a large center for trading between Southern Europe and Northern Africa.

Today, we would be highlighting some of the most magnificent places to explore in Essaouira while you enjoy your vacation in Morocco.

The Gate of Marrakesh Fort

The Marrakech Gate is one of the most distinctive historical sites of Essaouira that reflects the cultural and artistic significance of the city. Located in the South Western section of the old section of the city, this historical gate and structure now hosts a remarkable arts exhibition. Such significant monuments grab the attention of several tourists who travel to Morocco.

Constructed during the 19th century to protect, the Gate of Marrakesh is in fact a military construction that has a surface area of around 980 square meters. The building was used to position tens of canons to protect the city from any attacks coming from the East. Today, this remarkable historical site welcomes many tourists who spend their vacations in Morocco.

The Fortified Walls of Essaouira

Similar to many various cities of Morocco, Essaouira has a large impressive forfeited wall that was commissioned during the ruling period of Sidi Mohamed Abdullah in 1765. Despite these walls were constructed following the European architectural outlines and designs, there are also some distinctive local Moroccan elements. The historical constructions attract several travelers who tour Morocco.

The Mosque of the Kasbah

A large number of the historical constructions of Essaouira date back to the reign of the Alawites Sultan, Sidi Mohamed Abdullah, who was not only keen to build military and defensive constructions, but he also established some significant mosques. The most important among them is the old mosque located in the heart of the Kasbah of Essaouira.

This relatively large mosque consists of many sections including an Islamic teaching school, a hostel for the students, and many other parts. With a surface area of more than 900 square meters, the mosque has some distinctive features like its Sahn, the middle open courtyard, the Qibla Wall, and the fountain. Some of the vacationers who travel to Morocco love to explore the wonderful historical buildings of the country.

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